Architecture, Design and Building Science

This program's collection of continuing education courses provides the architect/student with a catalog of courses on every construction division. Courses include products and their application, safety, the environmental impact of products, and application case studies. Users can search the catalog using CSI division numbers, keywords, manufacturer names, or product descriptions.

Balancing Lighting Needs (from Provider K356)

Lighting design can be a daunting process because it requires balancing conflicting needs. The installation, maintenance, aesthetics, and budget must all be considered before selecting the most appropriate lighting fixture. This course offers a step-by-step process to identify and prioritize your needs, and achieve your desired design.

Beautiful and Sustainable Buildings

Program: Architecture, Design and Building Science

This course explores a selection of specific materials and systems that can help architects create buildings designed to do a better job contributing to occupant health and comfort through improved indoor air quality, improved daylight harvesting, increased relative available space within a structure, and through meeting code-mandated thermal requirements.

Building Enclosure Design: Fundamentals, Components and Assemblies

Program: Architecture, Design and Building Science

Building enclosures are responsible for controlling heat flow, air flow, vapor flow and a number of other elements. Through a combination of building science fundamentals and current research, this presentation will explore design considerations associated with wood-frame building enclosures and the role of control layers. Discussion will focus on best practices for designing durable, energy-efficient enclosures using traditional light wood-frame construction.

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Climate Resilient Buildings: Design for Change

This course is a recording of a presentation from GreenBuild 2018. Students will learn what resilient design is and how it produces buildings that are better prepared for climate change and the disruptions it brings.

Controlled and Connected Luminaires and Design Integration

Program: Architecture, Design and Building Science

This course reviews the components and uses of connected luminaires, their specification, and the standards and protocols involved in current lighting control applications. Further, this course reviews the emergence of the Internet of Things, and how it will impact future lighting control applications.  

AIA Course Number FP2018-D


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