TCA Explained, TCA, is the product of a team of communication experts who practice exclusively in the building products arena. On the development side, our experts have created hundreds of media-rich continuing education courses in nearly every construction category. On the operations side, our media partners, Architectural Products and Net Zero magazines, help us communicate our changing course roster to our registered base of architects. In addition, course sponsors work with their reps to define and plan their course offerings as a part of their larger media outreach.

Sponsored courses are promoted regularly to the circulation base as well as the architects registered on TCA, which provides a reach that equals or exceeds any other providers. This important media connection is a huge benefit to sponsors and one that several platform providers do not have. Plus, our ongoing promotion to architects is a service built-in to the cost of sponsorship.

Leading with Technology

We hope you’ll notice that the TCA website is very simple and easy to use. It is built on an extremely reliable programming language and does not rely on a third party Learning Management System which is the norm with so many online learning sites.

As a result, TCA provides more streamlined access to courses - fewer hoops to jump through - and a consistently high quality experience delivered in 1080 HD streaming video just like Netflix.

Functionally, our technology tracks your success, maintains your records, communicates with you when necessary, and engages you in the experience.

For example, you can ask a question while you’re taking a course. You can offer personal comments about the courses and tell us what you liked or didn’t like. You can rate courses and recommend them to a colleague. And you can give us direct feedback about any aspect of your experience.

TCA works with every browser and every device so you can enjoy learning at your convenience.

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