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MacroAir Fans - Salesforce Transit Center Opens with MacroAir Large Fans

The Salesforce Transit Center is an iconic landmark in the financial district of San Francisco, CA, offering the city a picture of sustainable design and technological advancement. One creative element in the building's sustainability design concept was the use of 27 MacroAir large ceiling fans on the 2nd level bus terminal. The MacroAir large fans are integrated into the facility's building management system to create an energy efficient air quality management mechanism. We hope you enjoy this video tour of the Salesforce Transit Center!

MacroAir Fans - VLOG Episode 1 Less than 60 Seconds and I Feel Like, ugh

MacroAir's Video Blog Episode 1: Less than 60 seconds and I feel like, "ugh..." How does the way you feel in a space affect your work, activity, engagement? We think it comfort is essential to enjoying and making the most of the spaces we work, live, and play in. After all, if you're uncomfortable, you probably won't want to stick around. Patrick Munar and Mike Teruel of the MacroAir Marketing Team express how they feel in the MacroAir training room when the large industrial ceiling fan is running, compared to how they feel when the large industrial ceiling fan is off.

Banker Wire Architectural Projects Collection

In this video we show you some beautiful possibilities of wire mesh. With each of these projects, Banker Wire has supplied the woven wire mesh. While many projects share the same wire mesh pattern, you can see how very different each project is from one another.


For more information about decorative wire mesh for the architectural industry, contact us at www.bankerwire.com

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