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Echelon Masonry - Unsurpassed Water Resistance for Concrete Masonry Units Only From Amerimix and the RainBloc System

Amerimix WRM with RainBloc GP is part of the total RainBloc ® system. When used with concrete masonry units that contain RainBloc, it creates a wall system that has been proven in both the lab and on jobsites to inhibit water penetration, creating a superior moisture barrier. GP is the only patented, mortar admixture that is traceable, detectable and measureable in hardened mortar. When used in conjunction with concrete masonry units manufactured with RainBloc, the National Concrete Masonry Association Rated this wall assembly "E" for excellent using ASTM E 514.

CRL DRS Door Rail System

This video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to easily install the C.R. Laurence DRS Door Rail System for all-glass entrances. The DRS Door Rail System features our patented Wedge-Lock® glass securing system. Wedge-Lock works by applying pressure evenly along both sides of the glass producing exceptional clamping force that holds door glass securely in place. The DRS Door Rail System also features our Kwik-Adjust™ technology, which allows door glass adjustment up to 3/16" in either direction. This compensates for vertical gaps between the edge of the door glass and the adjacent sidelite. DRS Door Rails have the fastest installation time of any door rail in the market. DRS Door Rails come completely fabricated and can be installed right out of the box. Door rail assemblies can be ready for installation in less than 10 minutes. DRS Door Rails offer the shortest lead time available. CRL provides same-day shipping on our most popular door rails, while custom sizes and finishes can be shipped in as little as 3 days.

Who We Are

We’re bringing it all to light with beautiful, efficient luminaires that stand the test of time and human-centric technology solutions. Focal Point is a family owned, vertically integrated, Chicago based architectural lighting manufacturer. Because we’re separated by hallways and not highways, we control the process from conceptual design, to engineering, to manufacturing, through to shipping. As a result, we provide superior quality, customization capabilities, and quick answers, all from right here, in the middle of America.

MacroAir Fans - VLOG Episode 2 PRACTICAL Airflow

You work best when you feel good - and the kind of airflow there is in the space you work in is key! So, what's a practical solution to making sure there is thorough airflow delivered to everyone in your space to make sure workers feel good? We think our MacroAir fans are the best way to bring comfort to employees because of their efficient delivery of airflow. Check us out at macroairfans.com

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