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MacroAir Fans - Architect Testimonial Sender One Climbing Gym LAX

Our friend Alain Giaimo, Principal Architect of AOG Architecture Studios in Southern California talks about his experience using MacroAir fans in the design of Sender One Climbing Gym in Los Angeles, CA. Comfort was a key factor in the design concept for this 3 tiered, modern rock climbing facility. If the end user doesn't feel good in the space, they are less likely to return. Check out Alain's design testimonial. We love Architects

Echelon Masonry - Phoenix Fire Station 59 Larry Enyarts Story

"We designed Station 59 with careful consideration of what these dedicated people do all day, every day,” says Larry Enyart, FAIA, LEED Fellow and Principal Architect of LEA Architects. “They live there, work out there and need to quickly be able to get to their trucks to respond to emergencies. Everything about the building needed to facilitate their needs." Watch the video to gain more insight from Larry Enyart.

Echelon Masonry - The InsulTech Story

EchelonTM Masonry is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of the construction industry by investing millions of dollars annually in the research and development by our industry leading R&D team and facility. The Insultech™ ICMU (Insulated Concrete Masonry Unit) Wall System is one such development. This 100% thermally broken masonry unit offers high thermal efficiency using pre-assembled structural units and a BASF Neopor® insulation insert -achieving a 15.2 R value.

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