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MacroAir Fans - VLOG Episode 3 Who Turned The Fans Off!

Our fans work. People notice an immediate difference in how their space feels when their MacroAir fans are suddenly turned off. Watch how Mike and Roden of MacroAir fans learn first hand just how important Crown Lexus' MacroAir fans are to their service technician when they turn the fans off for photography. The technician's were not happy! Be sure to check out our full length customer testimonial from Crown Lexus Ontario to see how MacroAir fans help optimize their business.

MacroAir Fans - Customer Support Is a Breeze

At MacroAir we are determined to give customers the best help and assistance when setting up your fans. Our Technical Support Specialist, Keegan McGinnis, shares his story of helping the Salesforce Transit Center get their fans up and running quickly and efficiently! With MacroAir, customer serivice is a breeze!

MacroAir Fans - VLOG Episode 1 Less than 60 Seconds and I Feel Like, ugh

MacroAir's Video Blog Episode 1: Less than 60 seconds and I feel like, "ugh..." How does the way you feel in a space affect your work, activity, engagement? We think it comfort is essential to enjoying and making the most of the spaces we work, live, and play in. After all, if you're uncomfortable, you probably won't want to stick around. Patrick Munar and Mike Teruel of the MacroAir Marketing Team express how they feel in the MacroAir training room when the large industrial ceiling fan is running, compared to how they feel when the large industrial ceiling fan is off.

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