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MacroAir Fans - VLOG Episode 2 PRACTICAL Airflow

You work best when you feel good - and the kind of airflow there is in the space you work in is key! So, what's a practical solution to making sure there is thorough airflow delivered to everyone in your space to make sure workers feel good? We think our MacroAir fans are the best way to bring comfort to employees because of their efficient delivery of airflow. Check us out at macroairfans.com

MacroAir Fans - Architect Testimonial Sender One Climbing Gym LAX

Our friend Alain Giaimo, Principal Architect of AOG Architecture Studios in Southern California talks about his experience using MacroAir fans in the design of Sender One Climbing Gym in Los Angeles, CA. Comfort was a key factor in the design concept for this 3 tiered, modern rock climbing facility. If the end user doesn't feel good in the space, they are less likely to return. Check out Alain's design testimonial. We love Architects

MacroAir Fans - Customer Support Is a Breeze

At MacroAir we are determined to give customers the best help and assistance when setting up your fans. Our Technical Support Specialist, Keegan McGinnis, shares his story of helping the Salesforce Transit Center get their fans up and running quickly and efficiently! With MacroAir, customer serivice is a breeze!

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