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MacroAir Fans - Customer Support Is a Breeze

At MacroAir we are determined to give customers the best help and assistance when setting up your fans. Our Technical Support Specialist, Keegan McGinnis, shares his story of helping the Salesforce Transit Center get their fans up and running quickly and efficiently! With MacroAir, customer serivice is a breeze!

MacroAir Fans - Save Energy in Industrial Spaces

Cool Employees • Increase Productivity • Reduce Effects of Humidity With high ceilings and abundant square footage, large industrial facilities such as warehouses and manufacturing plants present a ventilation challenge. Cooling and heating these spaces is a challenge because treating that much air without spending a fortune on HVAC equipment and operating costs is nearly impossible. An excellent solution is large industrial ceiling fans – also known as HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans – which deliver a cost-effective climate control solution by generating large amounts of airflow. MacroAir’s big industrial fans create a cooling effect, help control the effects of humidity, and can also help conserve heat in colder months.

MacroAir Fans - Salesforce Transit Center Opens with MacroAir Large Fans

The Salesforce Transit Center is an iconic landmark in the financial district of San Francisco, CA, offering the city a picture of sustainable design and technological advancement. One creative element in the building's sustainability design concept was the use of 27 MacroAir large ceiling fans on the 2nd level bus terminal. The MacroAir large fans are integrated into the facility's building management system to create an energy efficient air quality management mechanism. We hope you enjoy this video tour of the Salesforce Transit Center!

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