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Banker Wire Architectural Projects Collection

In this video we show you some beautiful possibilities of wire mesh. With each of these projects, Banker Wire has supplied the woven wire mesh. While many projects share the same wire mesh pattern, you can see how very different each project is from one another.


For more information about decorative wire mesh for the architectural industry, contact us at www.bankerwire.com

How Banker Wire makes Metal Mesh

Curious about how wire mesh is manufactured on a loom? This video demonstrates how pre-crimped wire mesh is woven on both an automated and manual loom. Individual lengths of wires are sent through a crimper to establish both warp wires (Long wires) and fill wires (Cross wires). The warp wires are individually positioned through the loom’s heddle frames. The heddle frames provide the movement that creates the “Shed” in which a cross wire will be inserted manually or automatically. Once the cross wire is in position, the loom’s sleigh will force it into the next available crimp pocket on the warp wires and the heddle frames will reposition creating the “Over/Under” sequence.


For more information on Banker Wire and how wire mesh is made visit www.bankerwire.com


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