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Illuminating from within, Obscura exudes an air of mystery with its seemingly invisible light source. A sleek angular linear housing delivers a soft yet powerful indirect and direct illumination onto surrounding architecture while creating visual elegance.

Amica 2

Retaining the classic aesthetic of the original, this next generation of Amica is an economical recessed luminaire with an improved angular housing, very high efficiency, and enhanced controls with Connected Solutions.


Architectural innovation and natural inspiration come together with Zephyr. A non-directional recessed lighting solution features a unique design which creates the impression that the bottom lens is floating above you. With its innovative architectural aesthetic, Zephyr floats above it all bringing comfort and visual harmony to commercial spaces.

MacroAir Fans - VLOG Episode 2 PRACTICAL Airflow

You work best when you feel good - and the kind of airflow there is in the space you work in is key! So, what's a practical solution to making sure there is thorough airflow delivered to everyone in your space to make sure workers feel good? We think our MacroAir fans are the best way to bring comfort to employees because of their efficient delivery of airflow. Check us out at macroairfans.com

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