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Eos Family Video Learning Series (2)

Welcome to the Eos Family Video Learning Series Are you new to the Eos® lighting-control family and need to prepare for your first show? Learn all the basics of your Eos Titanium (Eos Ti®), Gio®, Ion® or Element™ desk through this series of online training videos and exercises. The Level 1 course will give you a solid foundation of console operation and prepare you to expand your skills. Go to http://www.etcconnect.com/Support/Tut... to find additional training materials for this video series.

Who We Are

We’re bringing it all to light with beautiful, efficient luminaires that stand the test of time and human-centric technology solutions. Focal Point is a family owned, vertically integrated, Chicago based architectural lighting manufacturer. Because we’re separated by hallways and not highways, we control the process from conceptual design, to engineering, to manufacturing, through to shipping. As a result, we provide superior quality, customization capabilities, and quick answers, all from right here, in the middle of America.

MacroAir Fans - Architect Testimonial Sender One Climbing Gym LAX

Our friend Alain Giaimo, Principal Architect of AOG Architecture Studios in Southern California talks about his experience using MacroAir fans in the design of Sender One Climbing Gym in Los Angeles, CA. Comfort was a key factor in the design concept for this 3 tiered, modern rock climbing facility. If the end user doesn't feel good in the space, they are less likely to return. Check out Alain's design testimonial. We love Architects

MacroAir Fans - VLOG Episode 1 Less than 60 Seconds and I Feel Like, ugh

MacroAir's Video Blog Episode 1: Less than 60 seconds and I feel like, "ugh..." How does the way you feel in a space affect your work, activity, engagement? We think it comfort is essential to enjoying and making the most of the spaces we work, live, and play in. After all, if you're uncomfortable, you probably won't want to stick around. Patrick Munar and Mike Teruel of the MacroAir Marketing Team express how they feel in the MacroAir training room when the large industrial ceiling fan is running, compared to how they feel when the large industrial ceiling fan is off.

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