Off-Site Wood Construction: What, Why, How and the Future.

Credits: 1 HSW, 1 LU

AIA Approved

Rating: Rated: 4.33Rated: 4.33Rated: 4.33Rated: 4.33Rated: 4.33


Due to skilled labor shortages, compressed schedules, and the potential for greater quality control, of-site wood construction has become increasingly popular. This presentation will cover the unique design and construction techniques associated with pre-fabricated and of-site panelized wood systems. An introduction to the different levels of of-site construction and review of associated products and services will be followed by a demonstration of cost and schedule benefits based on real-world projects. A step-by-step process will be presented for designers new to of-site construction, with information on how to find and utilize partners and resources, the integrated design process, and differences compared to traditional on-site methods. Trends and future projections for the use of of-site construction, as well as its advantages, will also be reviewed.

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