Designing Sustainable Restrooms


Credits: 1 LU,1 SD,1 HSW
Available Until: 6/21/2016
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"Sustainable Restroom Design", presented by Zurn, explores commercial plumbing product innovations, technologies and strategies that are advancing the principles of sustainable design, enhancing life-cycle assessment, and enabling commercial buildings - both new and old - to achieve unprecedented water efficiency. (Course includes a downloadable PDF study guide.)


Zurn is a recognized leader in commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. Zurn manufactures the largest breadth of engineered water solutions in the industry, including a wide spectrum of sustainable plumbing products. Zurn delivers total building solutions for new construction and retrofit applications that enhance any building’s environment.


User Comments

“Good overview of what is considered for a sustainable restroom” - Michael, 1/27/2015

“Informative” - Michael, 12/30/2014

“It is very informative for architects” - Elena, 12/19/2014

“Very long but very informative seminar. As an Architect, I learned a lot about sustainable toilet facilities.” - Charles L., 10/28/2014

“Very detailed presentation” - SHANNON, 9/29/2014

“Detailed” - John, 9/13/2014

“Lots of info. Good.” - jerry, 8/26/2014

“Nicely Done” - Jason, 5/12/2014

“Well put together with a great deal of information.” - Timothy, 3/19/2014


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