Flex Space City: A Tour of Today's Operable Wall Systems


Credits: 1 LU,1 HSW
Available Until: 5/3/2017
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HUFCOR provides architects an interesting guided tour of "Flex Space City" to show how different types of moveable partition systems are being used by different building applications to maximize the usability and productivity of space. Every type of movable partition system available today is explored - from traditional accordion systems, to innovative new vertical stacking partitions, interior and exterior bifold doors and moveable glass partitions. Additional topics include aesthetics, materials and performance capabilities, including acoustics and daylighting.


HUFCOR is the world leader in the manufacture of quality flexible space management solutions including:. Operable Partitions, Moveable Glasswall Partitions, Vertical Lift Partitions, Accordion Partitions, Bi-Fold Doors, and a luxurious line of movable Exterior Glass Wall Systems and Sliding Doors. Hufcor has a reputation for products with exceptional quality and durability.


User Comments

“Good information” - John, 9/6/2014

“Interesting” - Allan, 8/29/2014

“There was a problem with pausing the presentation - about halfway through. I ended up having to start over from the beginning.” - michael, 8/28/2014

“Very well presented” - Cath, 8/27/2014

“Very Interesting!” - Jeffrey, 8/24/2014

“Got me up to speed operable wall systems. Very helpful.” - Joseph, 8/5/2014

“Fantastic presentation! It gives a condensed overview of technical and aesthetic consideration for choosing the right product for your projects.” - Anke, 8/5/2014

“good review” - jerry, 7/27/2014

“Very informative. Thank you! Ladislav” - Ladislav, 7/23/2014


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