Creating a Sanitary Water Environment

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Available Until: 3/12/2017
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This course provides an overview for what is required to create a sanitary water environment for a building. Considerations for specific building spaces - both interior and exterior - are explored, including product selection and placement. Topics include preventing contamination of the public potable water supply due to backflow or backsiphonage; types of available drainage systems that help to ensure the elimination of standing water hazards; and the damage and hazards that can be created by unsanitary water conditions. (Course includes a downloadable PDF study guide.)


Zurn is a recognized leader in commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. Zurn manufactures the largest breadth of engineered water solutions in the industry, including a wide spectrum of sustainable plumbing products. Zurn delivers total building solutions for new construction and retrofit applications that enhance any building’s environment.


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“good sound principles” - mark, 11/21/2014

“Very informative - thanks!” - Len, 11/16/2014

“This was a very good and informative seminar.” - Charles L., 10/28/2014

“Good Course. Allowed me to understand the importance of Sanitary Environment” - Jeff, 10/24/2014

“Well presented and informative” - Le Roux, 10/16/2014

“Good basic overview” - SHANNON, 9/28/2014

“Presentation images were great, information was a bit overwhelming from the audio output. A lot of images without text where note taking becomes critical for this quiz.” - Carlos, 9/20/2014

“Deailed” - John, 9/6/2014

“I passed this course with 90 but it is not showing on My Course Record as being passed. This happened when I went back to check and it came up as "not Passed" at 00. Please tell me how to correct this as it will not even let me re-take to show credit on my record.” - Sherrie, 8/24/2014

“Informative, excellent refresher, worth taking the time to....” - Horia, 7/29/2014


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