Architectural Glass: Production, Selection and Performance of Float Glass


Credits: 1 LU
Available Until: 12/10/2016
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This course is a one-hour AIA CES Learning Unit that introduces you to the benefits of incorporating float glass in a variety of architectural applications. After learning how float glass is made you will learn how to select from the different varieties of architectural glass to meet your design and energy saving needs.

User Comments

“informative and definitive course.” - hiland, 10/29/2014

“detailed” - John, 9/13/2014

“This coarse was far more interesting than anything on the tube Informative entertainment i'd call it . The vertual trip through the glass plant was particularly spectacular. Congratulations and thank you!” - GARY, 9/10/2014

“very interesting” - Jeffrey, 9/8/2014

“Th course is a good introduction to glass” - Jeffery, 6/18/2014

“informative” - Howard, 6/16/2014

“very informative” - Robert, 6/11/2014

“Very clear and informative. Gave a very broad overview of glass products.” - Colm, 5/21/2014

“Good overview of glass fabrication and integration into buildings” - George, 3/20/2014


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